Welcome to Impyccable’s documentation!

A python unit testing companion that generates a test dataset.

This project was inspired by QuickCheck (and its derivitives for functional programming languages) and the abondoned Python alternatives.

Impyccable is meant to run along side any unit testing framework seamlessly.

Unit testing with Impyccable will prevent testing your code against a small set of specific values. This means that test code can be both thorough and succinct by stripping limited data set definitions.

All you really need to do is decorate a test function with a general definition of the data it expects and it will be generated for you at run time.

While Impyccable is primarily designed for assisting with unit testing, it also provides a capable set of random data generators that can be used on its own.



If you have any suggestions or questions about Impyccable feel free to email me at nekroze@eturnilnetwork.com.

You can check out more of what I am doing at http://nekroze.eturnilnetwork.com my blog.

If you encounter any errors or problems with Impyccable, please let me know! Open an Issue at the GitHub http://github.com/Nekroze/impyccable main repository.

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